Very Viral Office April Fools Pranks

March 31, 2011, 7:16 am by

It’s almost here, that one glorious day out of the year where you can mercilessly trick people and have it be socially acceptable. While targeting friends and family is fine for the occasion, nothing shows you “respect a coworker” more than making them the butt of your April Fools Day joke. To help you seamlessly prank your colleagues we have provided a few ideas below for office April Fools pranks.

Conversation Killer

The personal phone is a sacred office tool used for conducting business, which makes it a perfect April 1st target for tampering with. This is a rather simple prank involving only Vaseline and good timing. To really stick it to them, we recommend calling your colleague from a cell phone and capturing the reaction with a flipcam.

Cubicle Takeover

This is a formulaic attempt at office pranking, but the end result of completely annoying your target is still awesome. This takeover can range from wrapping every item at their desk to filling up the cubicle floor to ceiling with balloons.

Long Ride Home

On April Fools Day coworkers will be on high alert, but as soon as the work day is done their guard goes down. This provides the perfect opportunity to crush their spirit by targeting their ride home. Looks like another long day at the office.

Operation Power Hose

This prank requires dedication, skill and resources. It also helps if you know people with electrical skills. While it may seem like a daunting task to do, the payoff of successfully blasting your coworker from his desk with a power hose is a major win.

Hopefully this will inspire some inter-office April foolery! Let us know what your favorite office prank is.

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