St Patrick’s Day Marketing Tips

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Capitalizing on a holiday is a great way for a company or brand to take advantage of consumerism. While many successfully pull off the holiday integration, it is easy to accidentally offend if your efforts get a little misguided. That said, we have provided a few rules for marketing on St. Patrick’s Day to help you out. Remember, there is a fine line between festive and fail!

Rule #1: Iconic Imagery

When running a holiday promotion your product should elevate the holiday spirit. Shamrocks, Celtic symbols, and the overuse of green are always acceptable ways to market for St Patrick’s Day. Potatoes, not so much.

Potato flower basket

Rule #2: Reinforce Holiday Stereotypes

When running a promotion, stay true to previously established holiday stereotypes because consumers tend to hate change. Besides, everyone in Ireland wears green top hats and jigs about, right?

Rule #3: Everyone Loves Leprechauns

Why do people love Leprechauns so much? Maybe because they are a reminder that there is gold at the end of the double rainbow. Or maybe because people are easily amused. Either way it is a solid promotional tactic.

Rule #4: Hot Promo Girls Work Too

Sexy ladies wearing nothing more than a few lucky leaves is also another acceptable festive marketing tactic. It isn’t really innovative, but most consumers won’t be too concerned. The only downside, they might not remember what your street team is promoting.

Rule #5: Festive Cute Animals for the Win

You will always win if you use a cute animal, hands down. No amount of scantily clad promo girls in shamrock bikinis can outsell a dog dressed up as a Leprechaun.

What other holiday marketing rules should make the list?

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