St. Patrick’s Day 2012: Marketing Irish Pride

March 15, 2012, 4:37 pm by

St. Patrick’s Day may seem like a second-tier holiday after Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but it’s no joke. Millions of Americans participate in this billion dollar-grossing holiday. And, it’s no surprise that many brands and businesses sink a lot of dollars in St. Patrick’s to come up with creative and interactive ways to announce that they too have “Irish pride.”

#Shamrocking with McDonalds
Many go crazy for the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, a seasonal minty-green milkshake in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. This year, McDonald’s sparked a viral trend surrounding the seasonal shake called #Shamrocking. Fans are encouraged to dance a mini Irish jig with Shamrock Shake in hand, snap a picture of said jig and share it with the hashtag #Shamrocking. Slightly awkward, yet endearing.
McDonalds Shamrock shake
EarthCam St. Paddy’s Day Parade Live Stream App
EarthCam’s live stream app will set you in the midst of the Parade in New York City, regardless of where you actually are. The app streams live footage of the parade; lets you check the time and weather in NYC; and provides a soundboard of exactly what you would be hearing if you were physically present for the celebrations. You can also take pictures in St. Patrick’s Day garb with friends and send good luck charms.

Sidetour’s St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
Sidetour is an online community where people can host or participate in a myriad of unique experiences with new people. For St. Patrick’s Day, Food and Wine magazine’s “Home Cook Superstar” Sarah Simmons is hosting a multi-course traditional Irish dinner through Sidetour.

Leprechauns Take Over Arby’s Website
On St. Patrick’s Day, Arby’s will change its name temporarily to “O’RB’s” online and will allow a leprechaun to “take over” all web and social media platforms belonging to the restaurant chain. “

Atlanta’s Irish Parade Viral Video
Apparently, Georgia is a great place to be for St. Patrick’s Day. This funny and slightly bizarre spot promoting the Atlanta Parade has caught the attention of many.

Nike’s Controversial St. Patrick’s Day Sneaker
Nike may have had the best of intentions when they released the “Black and Tan” sneaker for St. Patrick’s Day, named for the traditional Irish beer combination. However, the negative connotations that come with the name date back to Irish wars in the 1920s and still offend many. Despite having to issue an apology, Nike has made no notice of taking the shoes off the market.
What social/digital platforms or campaigns are enhancing your 2012 St. Patrick’s Day?