Social Networks: The Art of Failing

January 26, 2011, 3:13 pm by

Running a successful, active, and ever growing social network looks like a mindbogglingly hard task. Not only do you have to constantly be engaging enough to get people to return, but when things fail, like a server, it better be damn entertaining. So here are our top five fantastic error pages:

#5 Reddit

Our favorite alien at Reddit has been under a lot of stress lately, perhaps from the massive Digg exodus? All that extra traffic paired with Wikileaks is a recipe for a downed server. Luckily they have a good explanation, because no one is perfect right?

Reddit error page

#4 Digg

After the launch of Digg v4 the error page became more of prominent fixture. Digg took those lemons and made some glorious error page lemonade. It was so awesome it made the front page . . . on Reddit.

Digg error page oxen

#3 4Chan

Any site that spawns Anonymous, cat memes, and Rage Guy should have a fail page up to par. 4Chan does not disappoint with a punny trollface.

tumblr war

#2 Twitter

The first time Twitter went down shock and awe arose from deep within the internet. However, the majestic glory that is the Fail Whale overpowered people’s anger over not being able to express their feelings in 140 characters or less. It has since gone on to have iconic status with multiple renditions.

#1 Tumblr

Tumblr has has joined the ranks of fantastic fails after taking the Oatmeal’s suggestion that Tumbeasts were to blame. Good idea, now the error page is going viral!

Tumbeat fail

What error pages do you love to get?

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