FutureM Brew Off… And The Winner Is

September 16, 2011, 4:39 pm by

On Wednesday evening Antler set out to prove that the future of marketing is best discussed over a beer (or two); and with over 800 bottles of beer, 175 passionate beer lovers and 13 breweries we did just that.

The FutureM Brew Off pitted members of Boston’s agency and brand worlds against each other to answer the age old question… who can brew a better beer? In addition to this battle-of-the-taste-buds attendees were able to try a variety of craft beverages from 12 New England breweries (Notch, Pretty Things, Harpoon, High & Mighty, Clown Shoes, Rapscallion, Samuel Adams, Narragansett, Backlash, Wachusett, Red Hook, Berkshire Brewing Company) and 1 awesome local distillery (Bully Boy).

After sniffing, inspecting, tasting and talking about all of the aforementioned beers, it was time for attendees to vote in the brew-ocracy. Here’s what they were choosing between…


(vitaminwater, Whole Foods, Untappd & Backlash)

From the farm to your local pub, you can check-in with this beer just about anywhere.


(Launch Squad, Captains Of Industry, IsobarNA, Common Sense NMS)

This beer is big and bold like several roundhouse kicks from the four-legged Walker himself. What just hit you?

After a very close race we are happy to announce Team Brand as this years Brew Off Champions. With the final tally at 36 votes to 34, it appears as though it helps to have a professional brewer on your team!

Finally, a big thanks to all of the brewers and participants that came out and made this event a major success. Thank You! In particular our AMAZING event partners: Girls Pint Out Massachusetts (for knowing everything there is to know about beer), WorkBar (for allowing us to fill their office with ice and cheese puffs), Untappd (for kindly adding our Brew Off beers to their application), DrinkCraftBeer (for helping us spread the word) and of course FutureM (for, hopefully, letting us do this again next year).

We hope you had as much fun as we did – and we apologize for Thursday’s hangover, although you really ought to know better by now!