Digital Addict: Spotify Is Stateside, Milk Ads and Harry Potter Memes

July 15, 2011, 4:32 pm by

This week in social media news, 7/15/11.

Industry News: Spotify has finally made its way to the States! There were many cheers heard around the Interwebs, including those of Ashton Kutcher. We thought Spotify did a pretty great job on its US entry tactics – using Klout, amongst many other brands, as providers of limited free invites to the site. A clever tactic for boosting US cred, along with immediate legitimacy and buzz.

Facebook Update: Want your fans to “Like” your posts more often? Ask them, duh. Momentus Media has found that if you simply request fans to “like” your wall post, they will. That was easy.

Herd on Antler: We’re a week into vitaminwater #uncapped in Boston and we wanted to take a minute to update you on the awesomeness that has been going down at 132 Brookline Ave.

#Fail Of The Week: Dear Milk, nice ads. Way to make awesome sweeping generalizations about men and women, inciting a viral rage across the Internet. BTW, what scientist proved milk helps PMS?

Know Your Meme: It is Harry Potter’s last stand this weekend, and to celebrate the boy wonder we have a few favorite Hogwarty memes in store. Avada kedavra bitches!

Harry Potter meme