Digital Addict: Search plus your world, Instagram, and Shoulder Surfing

January 13, 2012, 5:30 pm by

This week in social media new: 1.13.12

Industry News: Google caused a ruckus over their new “Search, plus your world,” which enables you to search across your private or shared info. They insit search will get better the more integrated it is with a users life, we shall see.

App Tastic: Instagram, Tiffany & Co., and The Satorialist are quite the threesome, documenting real couples in love in NYC and London. The collectively launched True Love in Pictures catalogues moments of romance  a la the Satorialist with a branded Tiffany blue filter.

Viral Video: It all started with S**t girls say, then it spiraled out of control into various people saying various S**t to other people  . . . and sometimes cats. Here’s our favorite:

“Potential”Meme of the week: While shoulder surfing hasn’t officially hit meme status, we predict it will at any moment.