Digital Addict: Facebook Changes, Nanofabric, and Meme drinking game

February 24, 2012, 4:14 pm by

This week in social media news: 2.24.12

Facebook Update: Changes will be revealed Feb 29th, potentially surrounding Brand Timelines, premium ads, and further social graph integrations.

Viral Video Gold: Note to self, trying to be inconspicuous, makes you conspicuous.

Cool Tech: Low battery? Not to worry, you can charge your iPhone in your pocket! All the cool kids have nanotech fabric. 


Apptastic: Snakr presents an interesting way to digest the news through small audio clips of current headlines. It is being touted as the “Pandora for new,” and is currently available for the iPhone.

Meme of the Week: Memes have a habit of being redone to death, as is their nature. Luckily, you can drink the pain away with this nifty board game. Cheers! For more on game rules + piece check out Mashable.