Antler Insights on fMC and the Facebook Timeline

March 1, 2012, 4:50 pm by

It’s here! Yesterday Facebook finally revealed what Timeline is going to look like for brands and along with it introduced a slew of additional features for savvy marketers. All of us at Antler are excited about these new changes so we thought we’d give you a little insight as to what these updates mean for the different members of our digital team.

Facebook Facelift

“I think most of us are in agreement that Facebook pages could do with a facelift and the new Timeline design certainly achieves that. Between the new cover photo, the ability to highlight and back date posts and add milestones, companies now have the opportunity to tell their brand story in a much more organized and (more importantly) interactive way.

As was the case before Timeline’s introduction, the focus for brands should still be about producing and sharing engaging content. Rich media posts have always enjoyed higher feedback rates and are now a core feature of brand pages, thanks to the larger picture and video sizes. In addition, it’s going to be easier to engage fans using custom apps. Facebook’s new pinning functionality will provide better app exposure as specific content can be anchored to the top of a brand’s Timeline. This will ensure maximum visibility to fans and non-fans who visit your page. All in all, I think social media strategists will be pleased with the new announcements – I know I am!”

-Beth, Digital Account Manager

A New Breed

“Facebook plans on evolving the distribution of brand stories within their premium ad offerings, focusing on “page-post” ads. With fan-page content playing a more vital role in premium ad generation, it will be interesting to see the changing roles of media planners and community managers. ‘Down with CPC, and up with post engagement’ might mean a future job as a Community Media Planager.”

-Jess, Digital and New Media Strategist

Power to the People

“To a community manager, the most exciting Timeline feature for brands is the new messaging service. Fans can now message brands directly instead of posting on the wall. I hope the option of privacy will encourage consumers to be more open about their ideas and concerns. Customer service, listening, and crowdsourcing are some of the biggest pluses to having a social media presence and this messaging service will make all of that seamless.

On another note, community managers now have the option to filter all fan messages posted to their wall, and will have the ability to feature certain posts as desired. This is a great way to highlight positive reviews of your brand or even show an example of customer service done right if someone has an issue.”

-Lindsay, Account Coordinator


Let us know what you think of the new Facebook Timeline for brand pages in the comments below! What changes are you excited about, and what do you wish they had left alone?