6 Design Blogs You Should be Following

January 28, 2011, 11:46 am by

The web is inundated with major design blogs. But below the surface are other terrific design blogs that shouldn’t go unnoticed.  Here is a collection of sites that are a little less mainstream but equally worthy. Included are blogs that meet the following criteria: Inspirational, good content, updated consistently and well thought out. Of course having a unique theme or purpose helps too.

EDPED. Every Day Posters Every Day.

This tumblr blog posts submissions from its readers, and contributes some of their own ideas as well. The posters advertise the most mundane of tasks and everyday events. As they state…

“Posters for every day events. No activity in your life is too boring or mundane. The idea is to take trivial activities and promote them with posters to give them a sense of importance they ordinarily would not have.”

Its always fun to see what people come up with. Some of my favorites: “Stealing internet from your neighbor: today tomorrow everyday anytime anywhere” and “Forgetting which metro card to throw away. When: after buying a new one. Cost: up to $89 if you get that shit wrong.”

Chris Piascik. Daily Drawings

Chris is a graphic designer and illustrator from Connecticut. For the past two years he has posted a new drawing on his site, every day Monday through Friday. Many are quotes done in hand drawn type, and some are illustrations related to current events. They all have a consistent style, certainly worth checking out each day.

Design Work Life

Design Work Life is a great source for inspiration, updated consistently with fresh content. Really beautiful stuff here, anything from illustration to typography to packaging is included. Curated by Courtney Dolloff of Seamless Creative in NYC. Also Check out Head vs Heart, a spin off related to wedding/marriage design and ideas.

Flyer Goodness

A massive collection of gig, movie, event posters and screen prints. A place for these ephemeral works of art to be showcased. Something for everyone here if you delve into the archive or list of tags.

September Industry: International Journal for Design

This is an inspirational blog that is all about showcasing great design using high quality examples. Each entry features numerous angles, close-ups, and all the images are a minimum of 800 px wide. Additionally included is some sort of brief/solution/editorial copy to shed some more light on each project. They are very thorough here, which really allows you to digest, dissect and appreciate some great design. Updated biweekly, but each post is plenty to keep you busy and coming back.

Serious About Wine: Mike Carter’s Blog for Wine Packaging, Design & Marketing Insights

A blog dedicated to wine packaging and design. Most entries feature images of the bottle/packaging and a few paragraphs about the wine and its design. For good measure, there are articles on trends, news and marketing relating to the wine industry as well.

What lesser known design sites would you add to the list?

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